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it’s raining again… must be may

raining so hard water in uneven lines across the window water running unseen above my head mist around the trees shivering but not as much as when the sun is out waiting for something, not quite sure should not be … Continue reading

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Weekly photo challenge: Lunchtime

Feijoas for lunch. As Winter approaches the fruit begin to ripen and fall from the laden trees. People begin to bag them and sell them at their gates. We used to undercut the market by selling bags for a third … Continue reading

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Alive, and unsurprised about it, too. The true end of the world, only God will know the day and hour, so I knew that whenever it would be, it was unlikely to be midnight, 21st December, 2012, because of some … Continue reading

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Spider Voxy

Finally recorded this old song I wrote ages ago. I called it Spider Voxy out of my desperation for a name: it reminds me somehow of spiders, and I call the keyboard voice “Voxy.” If anyone has a better idea … Continue reading

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crazy springtime

i’m taking photographs i like the yellow on blue and tiny circle leaves does it feel a little like summer to you? now it rains no, it doesn’t feel like summer at all  now it’s winter, i have the pictures … Continue reading

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On Summer, Paradise and other random things

Many of you reading this are currently enjoying the last month of summer. Yes, you, all you northern-hemisphere-ers. But soon it will be autumn, for you. Or, as the Americans say, “fall.” Here it is Winter but I am so … Continue reading

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