Dear followers

Hey guys, my apologies for the absence. Here’s what’s been happening!

My Mum got married, and we moved from the house we lived in for 11 years. I was at my grandparents’ for six months, then shifted another three times. I’ve been back living with my parents since July. My drawing tablet is trashed, I have very little inspiration to write, and music has been impossible to set up for the past couple of weeks – there’s simply no space. On the upside, where I am now has an internet connection and I know I’ll be able to get a job – we won’t have to move again so soon – I hope!!

As a token of my appreciation for your patience, have a picture I painstakingly drew using the touchpad of my laptop, of a lion eating somebody’s arm.



Until next time! 🙂


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One Response to Dear followers

  1. ajtrifonoff says:

    some lion looks miffed to the max.set up your music this weekend.

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