Kesi (flash fiction)

KesiThe moon was distorted into cubist patterns through the bathroom window glass. It was dark outside – well, as dark as it could get in this part of the city. The best dark the sky could seem to achieve was a deep sapphire blue. Sapphire was the birthstone of the month Kesi was born in. She always remembered.

Kesi curled her toes around the corner of the bench. She was sitting on the white sink, just next to the basin. There was a drain ring around the plug hole. She didn’t have the light on, but the drain ring was still quite visible.

There was banging and shouting. It advanced around the house, beginning in the hallway and ending in the kitchen near her with a large crash and a scream.

She held her hands over her ears, squeezing her eyes shut and humming to block out the sounds. When she opened them again there was only silence.

Kesi waited. Shifted. Unfolded her long legs and jumped to the floor. Cautiously slid the lock back and tiptoed out.

Mother was asleep on the couch, still in her dressing gown, the broom leaning against the wall along with a pan full of green glass.

The kitchen was swept and neat, everything in order excepting the flower vase which was missing from the counter.

She peered from the window down at the driveway. Mother’s white sedan was there and her father’s car was gone, as was he.

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