Hey, ‘sup? she typed.

Nuthin’ much, u? came the response.

Slacking off in History, she replied. Trying not to learn anything.

Haha ikr, he said. I’m in math.

There is a pause, before he continued, Tryn to figure out who are you?

It’s Kenna, she said. Sorry, I forgot I’m coming up as anon

Why? he asked.

I’m hacking the school’s network, said Kenna. You’ll see in a sec

He waited, before the confusion began. First whispers, then some soft swearing. He saw through the glass to his left, a girl frantically trying to open a help link to tech, and then banging her fists on the desk as her computer died.

“The computers are glitching!” Someone finally shouted. The teacher was attempting to open up the room, but the program that controlled the panes of glass separating each student from the next had come offline.


His computer was the only one still working. Around him the children, realising they were trapped, had begun to panic. Some were shouting, some trying to break the glass, others just hysterical. The teacher was waving his arms, trying to quiet them, but was quite ineffective.

Daniel, you still there?

Kenna, wut did u do!?!? His head was spinning with the pandemonium around him.

It’ll all come back in another minute, she replied.

U took down th entire network! Daniel typed incredulously.

Kenna confirmed this with a quick, haha, yeah. Then, See, I’m writing a report about how dependent we’ve become on technology, so…

alufhsdfnaksjnsfksdjfjsdWHYYY Daniel mashed his hands on the keyboard, but he understood – Kenna was always one to test things out herself. He just wished she could have given him… a little more warning. As all of the computers came back online at once, there were yells and sobs of relief all around.

Daniel wondered if Kenna would be given an A for thorough research, or get expelled. He had a feeling she wouldn’t mind either way. She would just say, This was worth it haha LOL ;D

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25 Responses to Hey, ‘sup? she typed.

  1. Anna says:

    I’m…kind of…just like….”whoa. what should I say.” o_o

  2. Jessica says:

    I would have wanted to murder her. Too bad for the kids with claustrophobia. XD

    • Tarina says:

      I know! She should have made it known to /everyone/ that it would only last a couple minutes. But no… her sense of humour is twisted.
      Thanks for reading 😉

      • Jessica says:

        If she had hacked the entire system, it would have been the kinder thing. Even a vague, threateningly happy message like, “you’ll return to your scheduled programming shortly! :D” before killing anything would have helped. But, I suppose that could have also made it worse. 😛 Anyway, good job. I’ve been entertained for the morning.

  3. Heheh, that’s awesome. 🙂

  4. cpsingleton42 says:

    Wowski!! Which I understand is “that was brilliant!” In Russian.
    It was a little like a tale of the unexpected!! Well done!!

  5. Really good short story! Hope you’ve got More ‘Escapades of Kenna’ stories in store for us! I could picture the whole scenario! Well Done!

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