conversation of the unnamed (part four)

so help me
help me, let me out of this
your mind
who are you?
who are you? how are you doing this?
this is madness

I am so afraid

see, I knew you would react this way
it is why I would not show you
though I’ll admit it has become
a little more overgrown in here than
it used to be, before I met you

what have you done?

I regain my awareness
inside my own body, free from you
and scramble away so my skin doesn’t touch yours

what have you done?

what was that?

that was a nightmare, my love
not mine, no.
the worst nightmares of everyone I ever met
there is a whole continent just for yours

how could you?

do you think I do this for fun?

you are reaching for me, and I coil away
but you clasp your fingers on mine
and brush your lips over my cheek, whispering

no, this is not by choice
it is just the way I am
have always been

this is not you
this cannot be you

you are wrong, dear

your silent sobbing and the way you
are now clinging to me gasping


gives away how broken I have made you

come, look again
I will show you what you want to see

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