conversation of the unnamed (part three)

just won’t you tell me
let me see
what’s going on in your head

I don’t know

what you expect to find?
of course

you would not see behind my facade
all this time, you never really
knew me.

you take my head in your hands
I’m distracted by your eyes at first,
they’re grey like a storm

and then you whisper to me

I’ll show you
what’s going on

and inside your mind is the blood and the screaming
like a dark maze, a labyrinth of towers
and I can’t escape

at first I run, and then I fall
and I search frantically for you
to save you
and then I realise

that the screaming is not yours.

where are you, my love? where are you
beyond the traps and evil vines
I think you’ll find a castle

I am by the statue with no eyes
yes, the castle is right above but
it is ruined and overrun with snakes

that’s right,
it is.

look up, my dear, look up to the sky, to the east
you’ll see

and I do see.

your face is in the clouds
an emotionless image

my tears are fuzzing out this plane of muddy red and black
as I realise

you are the one who made this world
the snares and the ruins and the poison
and dead bodies at my feet
this is all yours
this is all yours.

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3 Responses to conversation of the unnamed (part three)

  1. madeupworld says:

    Thank you for liking my post…which is what got me here and I am glad 🙂

    good work with the poetry…..I can actually connect with it…..:)

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