a poetic conversation between two un-named characters

close your eyes, you say sleep doesn’t come so easy
I don’t understand
why don’t you just relax?

You’ll need to get over your fears one day

yeah yeah, I know.
I know that

it’s not even as if it’s a problem though
…is it?

what is it to you? why do you

close your eyes, you say the minutes pass too quickly
you don’t understand
how I won’t mind?

why don’t you just

how don’t you see?
you don’t want to see what is
going on, not yet

why don’t you just
leave me alone for a minute? go to sleep
for your own sake, as well as mine

I am not blaming you
for being annoyed
I guess I am an annoying person

I am sorry

but it is not as simple as that, it is not

to be continued…

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