character for a story (or maybe a comic)

chess waving3

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8 Responses to character for a story (or maybe a comic)

  1. I have my comic written. Need characters drawn. Wanna play?

  2. Do you want to throw the ideas around through email or play on the blog?
    Either way works and if I don’t inspire you, we will still have fun getting to know each other better. My super hero is “Give A Damn Man.” I see a rough rugged muscle bound Thor type, like Chris Hemsworth, construction worker, long wild blond hair and work boots, jeans with top button undone. Maybe like the old Mr. Clean commercials in concept. No porno, just enticing and sexy. Other characters are open to our imaginations and Give A Damn Man is too but those are my visions of him. I need over burdened housewives, single mothers, working women, scared, lonely, bullied? teenagers, and maybe even a progression to saving kids from abuse. It’s satire/comedy mostly, but could take dips into the serious.
    I have been playing with graphics but that is not my talent and I would love to let you play with my Give A Damn Man. I think he is a super hero long over due. If you feel interested we could swap ideas and collaborate, 50/50. If we agree to not collaborate, at any point, GADM is all mine, all graphics are yours.
    Let me know if you want to do email or public with script. I will send you a sample. No obligation, unless you decide you want to play with me.
    Thanks, Jeanne Marie

  3. PS, although blond, nationality up in the air.

  4. diannegray says:

    She looks great! 😀

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