short excerpt from Back to Mirando

this is part of the new book I’ve been working on. I’m unsure if I want this part to be real or to be a nightmare. heh


I can’t help it. I’m scared. I want to get out of here.

I’ve only been back here in Lorren for a week, and now Tasha’s gone. Why? I don’t understand, and I don’t want to wait. Besides, what if that man comes back to kill me in my sleep or something? I pick up my bag and pull my shoes back on my feet, deciding to wait a few minutes, then try to stage an escape.

Sneaking over to the door, I hear the same silence as previously. Pure, dead silence. I put my hand to the doorknob, ready to exit, but then there is a slight creak. To my absolute horror, the knob starts to turn. I sneak backwards, holding my breath and trying to be quiet. The door swings open towards me, again with a slight squeak. I’m hidden behind it in the dark, while faint light from down the corridor seeps into the room. A tall thin figure enters the room. His feet are soundless. It’s unnatural how quiet he is.

My blankets are still rumpled on the bed. He reaches backwards to close the door, but not before I lunge for the opening, screaming. “Help! Help me! Somebody help me!” A hand clamps over my mouth and the door is shut, but I can hear footsteps running down the hall.

The man behind me leans on the door, his arms tight around me. Why isn’t he running away? I bite down on his fingers hard, but he doesn’t even flinch. Instead he laughs softly. His voice is brittle. “My, you will be a fun one,” he whispers, brushing his fingers through my hair.

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5 Responses to short excerpt from Back to Mirando

  1. diannegray says:

    Yikes! This sounds very scary. Well written, Tarina 😀

  2. Evening Star says:

    I’m trying to get your attention, but btw, YOU ARE SCARY.
    That is all. 😉

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