It said to enter the title here, so I did

I was up until nearly midnight last night, drawing pictures. 11 pages of pictures. 3 and a half hours drawing pictures of guys in long coats. m’getting better, might post some of the results later.

I copied from a webcomic to start with, to get the hang of it, and now I can do it fairly well on my own. Incidentally, this comic is also one of the best I’ve read, EVER, so I’m going to post the link here. It’s strange and surreal and interesting, and very well-drawn. Really worth the read 🙂

On a slightly unrelated note, there’s this website that records and plays back your drawings. It’s pretty cool. Here are a couple I’ve done: link and link.

Sooo, right now I am just listening to music (The Police, Sia, Imagine Dragons) streaming from my bro’s computer over to mine. (So we can both listen, and not download it all twice. He’s clever.) And it’s raining. I’m at the end of my grade six theory book and trying to complete the test. One of the questions seems impossible (it probably isn’t, but I can’t figure it out) and the last couple were annoyingly slow so I’ve abandoned it for now.

Hope you check out that comic, and have a great day…


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3 Responses to It said to enter the title here, so I did

  1. WilderSoul says:

    Excellent! I’m having a go with sketchtoy!

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