it’s raining again… must be may

raining so hard
water in uneven lines across the window
water running unseen above my head
mist around the trees
shivering but not as much as when the sun is out
waiting for something, not quite sure
should not be staring at the screen again
vision losing the sharpest focus
oh what a sound
of deeper water sinking to earth
the birds are silent and the rain is shouting rolling
too loud even for aeroplanes and thunder
raining so hard

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6 Responses to it’s raining again… must be may

  1. wlouison says:

    Reblogged this on messages and commented:
    Another beautiful poem by the tremendously talented Tarina. I just had to share it! Please check out her blog because all of her poetry is great!

  2. gdalexander says:

    Riveting poem! Thanks for sharing. I will follow your blog and return to read more, for sure.

    I have a new writing blog that I created after self-publishing my first novel for the Kindle. Please check it out and share your writing experiences with me!

  3. diannegray says:

    This is great, Tarina! 😀

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