first the exclamations of “some people are insane!”
then the “ooooh…”
and then the yelling and the digging
and the balancing on the corner of the skip, yanking on a board, hoping not to fall over backwards into the concrete.

after half an hour
an hour
who knows how long
finally the boards are free and we lug them home
two projector screens over my shoulder
makeshift bag tied with jackets to my hip
the others carrying wide squares, arms outstretched

came back today and I leapt into the dumpster
screwdriver between my teeth
‘liberating’ castor wheels from the discarded wood

extracting curtain rails,
computer keyboards and fabric
a big box of cardboard
table tops, a desk and a stack of chairs
a chalkboard with another pin-board on the back (which I accidentally broke, why do I always break things?)

took two trips to get it all home
should have taken three
fingers and wrists wanted to die

but hey, we did it
it’s ours now
one man’s trash is another’s treasure
heh. we are rich >;)

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