DSC07179Graffiti on the train bridge.

Sorry for the length and gradual disintegration of the last post… was kind of wrecked inside at the time and typing furiously to sort out my thoughts (though they all got sorted into a box that says “I’m still confused”.)

Some news: I’m near to self-publishing the short story I wrote this month, it’s ten thousand words long, and it’s possible I could refine it with more editing but I’ve already been through it like three times and am beginning to feel that writer’s horror upon opening the document… it’s all bad, and nothing I can do will improve its badness… when just a couple of days ago I was so pleased with it. Ah well, it’ll pass!

Other news: I’ve done a painting that will go up in a local cafe. I just need to figure out how to make it so I can hang the darn thing on a wall! I might post a picture of it when it’s up.

And that’s about it for today. Seeya! 😀


EDIT: ps just noticed this is my 200th post… haha

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