Rain! and rain… and rain.

It’s 5.26pm, the  sky is a nearly all-over monochrome grey (slightly darker at the horizon) and it’s raining. Has been basically without let-up since yesterday night. There were heaps of flooding reports this morning, houses are ruined and now our back yard is filling with water. We’re lucky to be on a big hill but still the water gets us!

Me and my brother were out in the sleep out ferrying things inside and lifting other things on top of tables to avoid a repeat of 2005… we even moved the carpet rug.

The reason it has no real carpet in there is that it was all soaked with sewage infected water in 2005 and Mum had to roll it up and chuck it out. Yuuk.

Broadband is blown so everything we use extra we’ll pay for… will post pics tomorrow when we’re back on track. There has been interesting things happening which I will tell you about soon. For now enjoy the weather and have a great day! 😀

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