Camp Nano

I spent some of the most recent six days writing. Camp Nano is meant to last for a month, but ten thousand words are be disturbingly quick to write. I now have a complete, though totally unedited, short story, without any plot holes in it that I can think of, and easy to add on to if I ever want to make it longer or write ‘sequels’. Maybe I’ll post some of it sometime… or not. *shrug*

Also I have been composing new music, some of which I forgot, other of which likes to take control of my fingers until I’m sort of annoyed at how painful it can get. I would probably write words if I thought I could sing.

Anyway since I don’t have anything new to show you I’ll keep this short and disappear now. Bye!


ps. it’s April, technically mid-autumn, but when is summer going to END?!?

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4 Responses to Camp Nano

  1. diannegray says:

    Well done for getting ten thousand words down, Tarina! You’re a star 😉

  2. Send the book to me?
    I’d love to read it

    • Tarina says:

      Hmm I’ll think about it! At the moment I’m formatting the whole thing for publishing (free code from November) so maybe when that’s done, it’ll be in a nice PDF or something that I can email 😀

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