i saw the violent world
tasted the dirt, also sweet victory
mercy was murdered on the roadside

i was a part of it all and i had no regret
head held high, eyes glinting red
life was more simple for me than for them
i crushed them, and felt no joy

my feet sunk galleons
my gaze was flames that licked up houses
i consumed but was never satisfied

my world was small enough to circle in an hour
and anything else, i destroyed.
i was unstoppable

finally i became too proud
something caught me from behind
and tore me down from the sky
my heart was ripped out, my body dumped
in the grave of those who were never loved
i was undeserving.

my flesh eaten by worms
my past is less than a memory
and in the end
nobody cares

i took more than was mine
felt nothing of remorse
approach me now and i’ll stare right through you

i’m dead, i cannot hurt you
that’s all that’s changed


innocents come walking
their laughter something unfamiliar
ones who’ve never seen the darkness i once knew

they find me by the waterside
and the setting sun glows through my bones

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2 Responses to skull

  1. WilderSoul says:

    Wow – I am kinda glad that there’s only bones left! And there I was thinking it was just a lost sheep skull… 😉

    • Tarina says:

      Yeah. I was thinking it might’a been a horse skull, actually. It was weird-looking. But it’s gone now.
      Also, I wonder where the rest of the skeleton went…

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