walking home


i bought cake for a dollar at the waterfront
watched people sledgehammer giant tires
noticed people were all camping
tents, in large rows

there was a stall with filtered water
it tasted so much better than this
we have at home
but never mind, it’s not going to kill us

we stayed out too late
snuck back through the street, trying to avoid the bars
the nightclub’s closed – thankfully, i’ve never seen it open
spray-painted outside is a black-haired girl
someone scrawled 666 and a swastika
in red pen across her face

over the road i catch the scent of…
interesting-smelling smoke…
people with illegal cigarettes smile and wave
i say
they’re going to get busted

i say
we should have gone home sooner

once out of the city center
it’s quieter
we take out the cameras
take photographs in the dark

the fading sky and smoky clouds
road bathed in orange haze
are all shaken together

shadows shift across the street-lit bridge
cars leave long neon streaks
water shivers under the artificial moons

rounding the corner there’s a group of
seven? eight? black figures i can’t count
we cross the road to avoid them
in passing i see they’re only young, like me

they’re grinning and waving at us
and i’m pushed to the other side of mother
to hide? hahaha
they’re not menacing, and they keep waving

i think it over
why would a group of boys wave at a girl like that
while her mother is right there?
finally i put it down to the dark

naturally beautiful
perhaps she just looked young to them
a couple of girls out on their own
with a brother of their age

so they were waving at you, not me, i said
you’re prettier than me
and it was difficult to deny
but kept making me laugh

at home we lit candles
and drew them in the dark

later when i’ll look back
on memories of walking home

the fading sky and smoky clouds
road bathed in orange haze
will be all shaken together

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4 Responses to walking home

  1. diannegray says:

    Beautiful, Tarina 😀

  2. WilderSoul says:

    You’ve brought tears to my eyes, dear daughter. Still think you’re prettier than me! 🙂

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