Drought has been declared…

…in lots of places now. It’s still very hot and dry, no clouds in the sky. They say there’s a chance of some rain on the weekend… maybe.

Some photos.

The sun was bright enough to create rather striking shadows on the ground. The grass has all died and turned to dust here, partly due to cars (you can see the tire tracks) and runners. No water means it won’t grow back for a while.

DSC07131 This is the toilet block… you can see the green grass in a line from the tap. Pretty much everything else is dead.DSC07140 Lots of dead, dry grass. Seems kind of greener under the trees, perhaps the shade from part of the day is enough to keep it from dying.DSC07153There is a lot of this brown grass all over the place. Most not completely dead, but browning and patchy. Bearing in mind this is kikuyu, and not the other types of grass that usually die away a bit in summer, it’s quite odd.

“Drought” always makes me think of farmland in other countries… well it’s here now too, the farmers are really struggling. I think of big cracks in the ground… and hello, there’s big cracks in the ground here too. I mean… that just doesn’t happen, right? it’s an odd year.

The sun is fairly nice and it has been a very long summer. Often it is too hot for my liking, even now at 5.30pm the temperature has not really dropped. I’s thinking we’ll get a really cold, wet, rainy winter with thunderstorms, and flooding because the ground can’t absorb the water, being so dry… hmmm.

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5 Responses to Drought has been declared…

  1. Ooooh sounds bad! Guess what? The rainiest place on Earth (i.e. Britain) gets droughts! Its crazy! Up here in t’North we don’t really, so spend most of our time laughing at the poor southern people with their hosepipe bans πŸ˜€ and then go out to find the fields all flooded. πŸ™‚ oh, and did you know that there is a bit of England just up and to the right of London that is technically a desert? (oooh cake) random ……… Wow that was a long comment!

    • Tarina says:

      Hmmm I wouldn’t have guessed! Funny. Hose bans, not allowed to use the hose? They do that here some years too, actually that’s weird they haven’t done it this year. There is however a complete fire ban and there have been wildfire-y things up north. And desert? In England? πŸ˜€ Wow…
      ……..and now I want cake. πŸ˜€

  2. diannegray says:

    The weather has certainly been acting weird lately. I’m in the tropics, but in the more temperate climate to our south the monsoon weather is giving them hell and they’ve never experienced it before. I hope you get rain soon (in small bits so it can soak in, not one big flood) 😦

    • Tarina says:

      Monsoon, hmmm. (I strangely like that word and its meaning)
      Thanks! Yeah, although flooding is really interesting and cool and all in that it turns roads into awesome rivers, in reality it’s not that great of a thing to happen. It’s flooded here before and wrecked lots of houses and caused slips.
      Still, I would like it to rain… I miss the rain…

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