Seven blog awards

There’s no way I can be sure how to completely explain exactly how this happened…? Anyway, I’ve been nominated by various people for some blog awards, as follows.

Shine on Award from Elly, and from George, and from Kiwi

….Liebster Award from the same three people…

…and the Beautiful Blogger Award from George.

Please check out their blogs, they are awesome people. Now, how to do this. I must not let it blow my mind. Peoples, are you trying to destroy my mind, because if you are you are not so awesome anymore *is making a vague attempt at logical thought as mind disintegrates*? Ummm.

NOTE: I have decided not to make up new questions or nominate new bloggers because it’s just all too hard right now! I know that might be a bit lazy of me and I’m sorry but… yeah. I’ll just get on with it because this is really long as it is. Like, really really long. 😀


Firstly, the Shine on Award from Elly.


    • Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
    • Post the badge on your blog.
    • Answer the questions posed to you.
    • Nominate five bloggers who shine a little light in your day and be sure to notify them.
    • Issue ten questions you’d like them to answer

    Elly’s questions:

    What is your most favorite oddly named animal? Plasmodium? Does that count as an animal? No? Well, I’m not sure then…

    If you could play any instrument, what would it be? I already play piano, so maybe flute. Or if I could sing really well that would be awesome.

    If you could be a talking Platypus, what would you say to people you passed by? “Je je je… I have you now”

    If you met a talking Platypus, what would you say to it? Nothing. I would be staring at it, probably rather rudely, with my mouth open in shock.

    Microsoft or Apple? Apple!! 😀

    If you found a map with a key and instructions to find tressure what would you do? (bearing in mind that there is a warning saying this adventure will be extremely dangerous!) Find a bunch of friends who want to go on a dangerous adventure and set off. But bearing in mind I don’t have any friends and wouldn’t be allowed to go anyway I’d probably just pin it up on the wall to dream about.

    Odd socks or matching socks? Odd socks. Just to annoy people.

    Fake moustache or real moustache? On me? Neither. On other people? Fake, because I’ve never seen someone wearing a fake moustache, and it would be interesting.

    I just sent you a free invisible llama, what will you name it? Handeater. Maybe.

    If a person you didn’t know got in a lift with you and said ‘Now you might be wondering why i have gathered you all here today’. Would you play along and say something like ‘Yes I was but I have a feeling its about the… bodies’ or would you sigh and roll your eyes at the person? I would play along but then probably be paranoid for weeks afterwards…


Secondly, Shine on Award from George.

Same rules.

George’s questions:

Would you rather live in Middle earth, travel with the Doctor or go to Hogwarts? Middle earth, because it’s kinda like New Zealand, right? And I already live there

Classical music or modern? It depends. I like both.

If you could have any animal as a pet which animal would you choose? A cat.

Whos your favourite author? Ehh I don’t know

Fountain pen or ballpoint? Ballpoint because I’ve never tried a fountain pen… I don’t think.

Whos your Favourite band? Don’t know that one either. There’s a lot of cool ones. Coldplay’s one of my favourites at the moment but that’s mostly because of memories I think, I don’t know if I’d like them as much without the memories

If you could train a parrot to say anything what would you teach it? That depends if I was going to keep the parrot or give it to one of my enemies… no seriously. I’m not sure

Pirates of the Caribbean or Twilight?  I haven’t seen either, so I’ll pass on that one

Whats your favourite TV series Don’t watch TV

Whats your favourite film? Possibly Real Genius. I forget what others I like that much right now.


Thirdly. Shine on Award from Kiwi.

Same rules again. 

Kiwi’s questions.

Lollies or chocolate? Chocolate.

Writing or Reading? Hm. That’s a funny question, because as a writer, not being able to read or edit my own work would drive me crazy. So perhaps just reading, as it might drive me slightly less crazy…maybe?

Do you like blogging better or novelling? Not sure. Probably noveling.

What is your favourite book, series eg? I don’t know!

Who was the first blogger that followed you? Lets see. My first ever follower is this amazing person, Dianne Gray, who often leaves me comments and is a very inspiring writer 😀

Who was the blogger that inspired you? Inspired me to do what? I don’t completely understand but for one person who inspires me see above (*grin*) and also a lot of you readers inspire me, with your blogs, but also just by being readers, inspires me to carry on…

Do you go on NaNoWriMo? Absolutely, all the time. I’m on it too much.

Ice cream or Ice block? Ice cream, even though reasons! It’s very good!

How many nicknames do you have? None. Unless you count on Nano, in which case a few.

How long have you been blogging for? I’ve been posting on this blog since July 22 2012.

Phew. Three done …more to go.


Next up is the Liebster Award from George.

The rules of this award:

  • Thank the person who nominated you (THANK YOU!!! 😀 )
  • Answer the 11 questions they asked
  • Nominate 11 other blogs with less than 200 followers (You may have noticed I’m not nominating anyone —)
  • Ask them 11 of your own questions. (—or asking questions because sorry can’t think maggots)
  1. Whats your favourite film? Real Genius or something else I forgot
  2. Whats your favourite book? I don’t know, I think I was asked this before?
  3. Whats your favourite tv show? Don’t watch TV… again
  4. Do you belong to any fandoms? Nope, pleased to say I do not.
  5. Whats your favourite subject at school? I’m homeschooled, but of all the things I’m learning… I like… probably… music the best.
  6. What cant you wait for? Finding a good job. One that just comes up and I’ll be like YESSSSS
  7. Whats your favourite band/composer Not sure
  8. Whats your biggest fear? *shifty look* Why on earth would you want to know? One big fear would be getting an email from … my father … or meeting him in person … why am I even telling you this? Why can’t I say I’m scared of falling off a cliff? What, because there aren’t any cliffs? Fine then. *storms off*
  9. If you could play any instrument, what would it be? I’ve answered this question before, I believe.
  10. Would you rather live in Middle earth, travel with the Doctor or go to Hogwarts? Middle earth. What is with the repeat questions? This is a conspiracy, right? You have me scrolling back and forth slowly destroying my own mind!!!
  11. Whos your favourite author? AAAAAAAAA!!!!! Um um um Okay I’ll say Jehovah God because he wrote the Bible.


Fifth… Liebster Award from Elly.

Same rules again. Thank you Elly!

  • Do you eat worms? Nooo!
  • Are you secretly james bond? Nooooooo! James Bond is a murderer! Right? Okay so I only saw one episode of it and it was really confusing but what I do remember is that everyone seemed to be killing each other in various violent ways
  • If you had to kill a sock monkey because it wanted to eat your brains, would you do it? Yes. 😯
  • Do you wear socks in bed? When it’s wintertime and condensation forms on the outside of the windows and I’m shivering under like eight blankets yes, I do. But I don’t normally.
  • Can you remove your feet like those creepy brats dolls I had when I was younger? Eww! No. Why all the weird questions?
  • Draw a moustache on your face right now and dance to the Harlem shake, did you do it, honestly? Nope.
  • What phone do you have? I don’t have a phone. I use the landline or the cordless which is getting old after a small number of years (how dare it) and the buttons are hard to press so… I still use it, because I like to pace around while on the phone. I get nervous. And I’m trying not to buy a cellphone, even though I have enough money. ANd now I’m rambling.
  • Do you prefer Facebook or twitter? I don’t know, I’m not on twitter and don’t really use fb at all.
  • Do you like Justin Bieber, I would say no if you want to live? I want to live, so I’ll say no, even though I know virtually nothing about him or any of his songs. Besides, everyone else liking him is a valid-is reason to dislike him, right???
  • Healthy food or junk food? Healthy food. Otherwise I would die too fast.
  • Narnia, Hunger Games, Hogwarts, middle earth or traveling with Doctor who. Where would you most want to go? Middle earth.

The last two are Liebster Award from Kiwi and Beautiful Blogger from George which don’t have questions so I’ll just yell out a big thank you to everyone who’s thought of me, and push aside any conspiracies that you are all out to destroy my mind!

Good day to you all and try not to go mad and I’ll try to post more again during this week and take more photos okay? Bye!

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7 Responses to Seven blog awards

  1. diannegray says:

    This is lovely, Tarina 😀 Congratulations and thank you so much for the mention!!! 🙂

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