Very Inspiring Blogger, and Blog of the Year awards


First of all I’ll shout out and link back to the writer who nominated me. His blog is here: What If It All Means Something. He’s a great writer and many times winner of Nanowrimo, with an engaging blog, please go check it out! 😀

Now, seven things about me. I think that’s how it goes.

1. I won Nanowrimo 2012, managing 50k words even with 11 days break in the middle of the month. I discovered that too much writing, however good it may seem, is actually bad. Interesting, that! 😉

2. Seekers of Gold, my novel, is my biggest work, completed or not, so far. It is not edited, though. I’ve barely touched it since November.

3. I’m fifteen years old, 5’2-ish in height, got my first job aged ten, and this is my first time out of work since then. Argh!

4. I once climbed a cliff without permission. Got in trouble for that.

5. I always get nervous passing blog awards on to other people. Not entirely sure why.

6. I’m a musician with nowhere to play, and a song-writer who apparently cannot sing. This is vaguely disappointing, I guess.

7. I created an alphabet of symbols with their own sounds to use for a constructed language. I still use it for some things, and am considering giving it some more attention for coming stories.

Right! Now, nominating seven other bloggers, who inspire me:

1. Conor Cullen Inspiring photography.

2. Lorna Alkana Artwork from a different perspective.

3. Tomdot All in German, so I don’t understand, but I love the photography.

4. Walkairs Now this is just amazing!

5. Johan Steller Photography Always beautiful, atmospheric pics here.

6. Dianne Gray A successful author who has always been encouraging to me. Writes interesting posts with a sense of humour.

7. Thefreakartist More photography. Love it. 😀


Blog of the Year award. Another award! 😀 Okay so since I’ve just done this other award, I won’t fill out more things or nominate any more people. However I will link back to the person who nominated me – Kiwiyoungwriter, who happens to be a young Kiwi novelist, like me! – and display the picture here.

That’s all from me today! 😀

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2 Responses to Very Inspiring Blogger, and Blog of the Year awards

  1. diannegray says:

    Congratulations, Tarina! I love your answers to the questions – particularly #6 and #7 – great stuff 😉

    Thank you so much for thinking of me for the award. I feel very inspired now and I’m heading over to check out all the other nominees 😀

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