So I’ve been tagged by Topaz in a meme game thingy? Unclear to me exactly what it is, but anyways, here goes!


1. If you are tagged, answer the questions in the meme in a blog post on your blog.
2. Make sure at the beginning of your post you put a link to the blog of the person who tagged you.
3. Tag at least three people to do the same thing (you can tag more than three people if you would like).
4. Have fun!

What do you think the weirdest color is? Perhaps hospital green. I have a sort of horror/obsession with it.

What is the weirdest TV show/movie you have ever seen? Not sure. Maybe “A Serious Man.” It was meant to be a comedy! It is the second most disturbing movie I’ve ever watched!

What is the weirdest food you have ever tried? Tentacles? It was maybe squid or octopus at a Japanese restaurant, it was in balls. It didn’t taste particularly like I thought it would though.

What is the weirdest drink you have ever tried? Orange juice with jelly crystals in it. Eugh…

Who is your weirdest friend? J. Smith. That is not his/her real name. How can you be sure I didn’t just make up that name to avoid thinking? You can’t. Eh he he he.

What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen on the internet? I don’t know.

What is the weirdest thing your pet has ever done?  My pet rat Rita would swing across the top of her cage like she was on monkey-bars. One of my other rats, Stone, was once sitting with his body twisted around so his feet were in the air, but his head was the right way up. My other rat Mini did lots of weird things. She had a real mind.

What is the weirdest book you have ever read? Possibly 1984.

What is the weirdest blog you follow? Er, I’m really not sure…

Now tagging three more bloggers? Eh, will I just annoy people? My mad self shouldn’t care, but I do, somehow. Aaaa. I need to get off here now.

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One Response to Tagged…

  1. diannegray says:

    I like your ‘weird’ answers. A Serious Man would have to be the worst and weirdest movie I’ve ever seen as well. Tentacles in balls? ARGH! 😀

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