Fire 2


The fire was lit earlier in the day, and I went out as it got dark to take pictures. The flames got relatively high (for a cooker) at some points. I love flames. It’s been so long since we had a fire – I love bonfires, but I think you now have to have a permit since it’s summertime, so ours was just a little fire in a charcoal cooker.

We burned up some old dead tree that has been sitting on our cobblestones since it fell off some time ago, and burned charcoal and a little green grass (not the best idea).

I got kumara out of the pantry, rinsed them, wrapped them in grapevine leaves and tinfoil, then nestled them in the hot coals to cook. I can’t clearly remember the last time we did this. I remember eating roasted pumpkin off the bonfire when I was eight, and the neighbours telling stories around the fire. That was a very long time ago now.

We had to keep collecting wood. It got very dark. The light from the kitchen and the fire lit up the cobblestones a bit and we sat and took photos.

I pulled out the kumara that had been in the flames when I noticed the tinfoil had actually burnt away and flaked off – left that one in a bit too long! It was still good inside though. The other two were ready as well, not as charred, soft and beautiful on the inside, and tasting vaguely of smoke. This has got to be the best way to cook kumara ever.

So we ate the kumara. That was dinner. By this time it was getting pretty late. I had to replace the camera’s batteries, and came back to the fire when all inside lights had been turned off. I took a few more photos. We sang some songs, poked sticks into the fire and made O’s and snakes and wrote our names with the glowing embers in the air, like sparklers.

I couldn’t find sticks on the ground. I couldn’t see much at all, actually, and groped around to find stuff, complaining. “I can’t see! I can’t find a stick…” which must have been a little annoying, but I truly couldn’t see, and wondered if I should be able to at all. (I’ve been saying “I can’t see!” suspiciously a lot lately.)

It got to be 12.30am and we let the fire begin to die down. We lay on the cobbles around it and tried to sleep a little. I didn’t quite fall asleep – we ended up going inside at 1.30am. It was a warm night. I hadn’t realised actually how warm it is here, even if you don’t have a tent. The last time we camped out for fun, I can’t remember, but this was about as awesome.

When I was lying on the ground looking up, I could see clouds. One side of the sky was light almost as if the sun were about to rise, but it was midnight. The glow must have been from the port which is over that direction. Me and my brother exchanged some bad puns to do with ports and sterns. I wondered what made the port glow like that, and mused about the cold temperatures at other sides of the world (apparently, that day, the temperature in Utah was meant to be -19C. COLD AS. The coldest it gets here is about 6 degrees normally.)

‘kay. Hope you guys have a good week! seeya! 😀

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2 Responses to Fire 2

  1. diannegray says:

    Sounds like so much fun, Tarina 🙂 I’ve burned the foil off potatoes in the fire before 😯

    • Tarina says:

      Potatoes in fire are awesome too!! 😀
      I didn’t really expect the foil to burn. Of course once I found out it burned, I chucked the scraps back in to turn into ash…
      Next time, I hope to make flaming marshmallows 😉

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