The weather has decided to stop being strange and has turned sunny again. Cicadas are singing outside. Partly, I’m pleased with this.

It’s nice that it’s not raining, the washing will dry, generally the air has a happier atmosphere. But another part of me thinks ‘darn it…’ because, mainly, two reasons. The first being that next door, there are some incredibly loud kids that have a swimming pool. 😦 When it’s sunny, and they’re in the pool, it becomes hard to think. The second reason is that I’d hoped (well, am still hoping) that it will rain on New Year’s Eve, to drive all of the parties inside.

I am most certainly not a fan of loud music at night, for reasons unknown to me it makes me feel physically sick. And cold. So I can only hope for no parties. Last year it rained just as the party next door got more rowdy (thank goodness) and there were huge explosions down at the water.

You know what? Someone just came and leaned on my shoulder (no, not over, ON) and read my post so far. I totally do not feel like blogging anymore to this.

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2 Responses to Sunshine

  1. Herman says:

    Hey, wait a minute…!! Sunshine… Swimming pools… Parties… Say no more, we’re coming right over! But we got to do something about that loud music. Mr. Bowie doesn’t like loud music.
    We’re having rain on New Year’s Eve… Looking forward, no fireworks! 😉

    • Tarina says:

      Yeah, funny thing that, it wasn’t sunny when i commented yesterday but today it’s all summery again.
      Mr. Bowie has good taste. Loud music is indeed not good.
      Rain on New Year’s Eve, lucky you! 😀 And no fireworks… well, I’m not sure we can avoid fireworks here….

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