Alive, and unsurprised about it, too. The true end of the world, only God will know the day and hour, so I knew that whenever it would be, it was unlikely to be midnight, 21st December, 2012, because of some supposed prediction by an old civilisation… 🙂

I played a real piano the other day. It made me want to own one myself, instead of just a keyboard. But pianos are expensive, unless on TradeMe, in which case you don’t have much of an idea what condition they’re in. They also may come from out of town and cost a lot to transport back home.

They also need tuning. Electronic keyboards don’t.

I’m feeling very hot today, the thermostat only reads 26C, but that’s inside on my desk and not in the sun. We have the windows open but what I’d really like is a swim in the sea. Not that that’s likely to happen, which annoys me greatly.

Funny to think it is winter over the opposite side of the world.

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