The End of the World

11.21pm Beginning this post. Will the world really end? (To be honest, I’d be surprised if it did. I mean, sure, soon, but not tonight simply because of some Mayan calendar. lol) SO, I’m just hanging around on the net here, waiting to inform all those in time zones earlier than mine of what’s going on. I was awfully tempted not to post anything at all (or post something along the lines of… DOOOM!!!!)

11.26pm Must. resist. urge to write poetry.

11.30pm laadedaa. still alive.

11.33pm ooh look pretty colours… 0000000

11.36pm I really need to finish editing my novel. It’s… quite important. I’m also considering putting together a book of poetry, just for fun, realising it sort of tells my life as a story. Who knows, people might even like it.

11.41 getting a little tired… tired as in head feels a bit weird, not as in actually feel like shutting my eyes. this end of the world better be worth waiting for… my family are getting talkative. Strange, they’re not usually at this time of night! I guess this is a good thing….? or maybe just more proof the apocalypse really is coming…

11.49pm How about at 5 minutes to, I’ll post this and then check back after midnight… (evil grin… can you tell what I’m thinking?)

11.55pm I’ll leave you with these links… see you tomorrow… well, in five minutes time.

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4 Responses to The End of the World

  1. The world is still here! Yay!

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