i play the piano
in the next room
glancing over through the glass

pressing the sustain pedal
with my left foot
shaking too much

to do it the right way.

they’d pulled up the blinds
so we could see in
and she could see out

and the music reminds us
that we are still here.

after a time i run out of songs
he says to me softly
don’t play a discordant note

and i nearly do
just, as they say
for the hell of it.

but no.
this is not the time
this is not the place.

so i close the wooden lid
case on the slightly
un-tuned keys

carry the chair back across the room
and we sit, silently, looking
until we are set free

cast off, perhaps
we live on an island
but that’s not to say

we don’t have a boat.

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2 Responses to Island

  1. johanstellerphotography says:

    wonderful and atmospheric

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