Spiny lava dome

What is it with all these volcanoes at the moment? I suppose there’s not much reason to worry. They’re not going to blow up – and if they do, they might just cover the entire country with 200 metres of volcanic rock. Ha ha ha. It’s happened before!! Ha ha. No really, I’m not worried.

The 20-30 metres across “spiny lava dome” inside White Island is quite interesting though.

Oooh, spiny lava dome. I play a tritone here to make people cringe/laugh. It’s gotta go in a movie, one day, that tritone.

I’m now working on a short script for something, it probably won’t work out (what does?) but it’s a bit of fun anyway, looking for the Exit – it’s rather elusive, this Exit. Maybe by looking, we can accidentally find it. Or maybe we don’t need the Exit at all. Maybe it doesn’t exist. Anyway, that’s interesting. I thought I’d do a quick blog since we seem to be still hanging around at home. It’s hot and sunny and blue today, can’t wait for a swim. Maybe this summer we’ll even go to the beach and swim in the waves. Lets hope.

Catch you later, enjoy your *insert appropriate season* morning/evening/day, adios, goodbye!

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