Poetry at a normal time

I achieved a personal record of sleeplessness, ended cruelly by a power cut in the middle of the night. No, I’m not tired. One day, I shall stay awake  above and beyond forty hours…. umm okay maybe not. But it’s been good to do it before I’m actually an adult.

Something I wrote.

“i want to know”

tell me i’m mad
tell me i’m insane
i’d like to hear it
because i know you never mean what you say

tell me i broke a record
tell me 40 hours is good
tell me it’s okay to keep going and try for more
because i want to see what happens

tell me you’re an artefact
tell me you don’t exist
i’d like to hear it
please be a figment of my imagination

tell me i’m mad
to be having this conversation
with you over the phone
wait what?

i must have slept.
if at 30 hours, you are stapling newspaper to your clothes
please tell me
i want to know

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