As you have probably noticed, I have been posting a lot of photos lately, and decided it’s time to stop hiding. I know that I am in hiding, and don’t really want to come out, but here I am, typing one of my rambling posts again, with no photo, so people probably won’t like it. Or that is my fear.

So that means I’m not in hiding.

I figure it has taken a short while to get brave enough to actually write something here, but maybe it has something to do with the fact it’s 1.30am, and everyone else sane is sleeping right now (are you? o.o) even in America – I guess they haven’t quite woken up yet.

Think I should stay up all night?

You know, I’ve never done that before, in my entire life. So, this will be a first time, if I don’t fall asleep. A movie would be good to keep me awake, but we already watched two, and understandably, mum’s going to sleep. Forums would be good, but as I said before, the Americans haven’t woken up yet.

So I thought I’d write a post. To break out of my un-wordly posts. No more poetry either (yet.) Ha. I’m out of hiding from writing posts – I’m writing a post!!!! So. Good morning!!! Sorry if this didn’t sound completely sane! It sounds completely sane to me now! Good morning! Goodbye!

ps. the movies we saw were 1. Crocodile Dundee and 2. Back to the Future. We wanted to see Back to the Future 3, but maybe tomorrow. Ugh, it is tomorrow already. Anyway, they were great movies.

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25 Responses to 1.30am

  1. Im British, and it’s just about lunchtime here, so hi!

  2. Hehehe I’m on my phone and I’m currently on about 1 LETTER per column …. It’d getting VERY hard to read!!

    • Tarina says:

      Oooooh, I see!!! I think it has stopped nesting. It’s started a new line. Hee hee. So, we can probably stop now – but this was FUN!!! 😀 😀

      • Hehehehe you must be EXHAUSTED! Very fun 😀

        • Tarina says:

          Haha, strangely not, just a bit tired, and starting to do run on sentences again, which happens once I’m tired. Sooo looking forward to today, running an experiment on myself to see how long I last and what effects it has on me, if any at all, and what any people happening to meet me will think (If I meet any at all.) Run on sentence!! Is it 7pm there already? 8am here. It’s late! Ha ha! ha ha ha ha! I am not a figment of my own imagination! Stop typing! No! Post comment! Thanks! Am I trying to be weird, or can I not help it? That is the question… 😀

          • Hahaha! You should post the results 😀 my friends once spent an entire say trying to convince me that they were figments of my imagination, so therefore all their problems were my fault … Have you any idea how hard it is to argue against someone claiming to be a figment of your imagination?? Let alone four of them! Plus I was pretty tired at this point … Hey look – massive sentance!! 7:30 here – it’s a bit surreal talking to someone who’s just having their breakfast when it’s evening where you are!

          • Tarina says:

            Ooh, that would be weird.. figments of imagination… not related to maggots. But kind of is. It’s kind of a joke. Which I don’t kind of get, but I think I kind of might have made it up, so there, it’s related to maggots. Kind of. My comment disappeared, and this one is stranger. I was thinking, won’t it be weird if someone reads this, or if I read back through tomorrow, unless I haven’t slept until tomorrow, which is unlikely, but if it is, then there will be a run on sentence? I am sane! I am sane!
            Time zones are my life.. don’t worry… though it is a tiny bit surreal, I don’t notice it anymore. Comment, do not delete self. Thank you!!!! 😀 😀 😀 Argue againts four figments of imagination!!! Cool!!

          • Maggots??? 😀 yeah …. This will be even funnier tomorrow! 😀

          • Tarina says:

            Maggots! #Maggots! @maggots!! #I am not on twitter, seriously!! Will it be funnier? I hope so. I do. 😀 😀 😀

  3. Tarina says:

    3 Hours Later. Oh my what have I been doing…. 😯 Still, i’ve made it to the twenty eighth hour!

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