Photo on 2012-11-19 at 19.34 #2

All hours of day
And into the night
The screen’s not so bright
As I’m typing away

As I’m typing away
Here (on my own?)
Was I ever alone?
Or was that just my thought
All falling apart
Even the rhymes
Have been swept into time
I never was good at rhymes.

But at this here hour
I’ve come to (not) regard as (very) late anymore – 9.20pm –
What am I doing, but posting a picture
Of myself, though you can’t exactly pick out
My face
Only the applecore.

And the rhyme’s down the drain, and I shan’t try again, If I write any more, I shall be a bore.

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3 Responses to Applecore

  1. While reading your quick bio I missed the comma between watermelon and reading… I almost freaked out because I thought you could read watermelon. I alas, cannot.

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