Nanowrimo’s nearly over

Nanowrimo has gone past so fast it’s hard to believe.

Only one more day left to go, then it shall be another whole year before it all happens again. I need a little over 5,000 words more to hit my original goal of 50k. So, that’s meant a lot of typing over the last couple days since I rashly decided to go ahead, having already changed my goal down and ‘won’, I still want to push on. Not learning from my mistakes. *sigh*

My book is meant to be about a journey through a forest. They haven’t even reached the forest yet. They are loitering around the mental asylum and one of them has gotten himself trapped on the other side of the fence. Should be able to get the rest of 50k out of that, and then who knows, mebbe I could even write a sequel. Hm.

Anyway, must get back to it. If I can blog, I can novel!

Hasta mañana, peoples 🙂

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