Spider Voxy

Finally recorded this old song I wrote ages ago. I called it Spider Voxy out of my desperation for a name: it reminds me somehow of spiders, and I call the keyboard voice “Voxy.” If anyone has a better idea I’d love to hear it!!! I’m hopeless at naming my songs!

It’s Cm (I love Cm) and another odd chord which I have no idea what it could be – just like no interval appears to have six semitones. What interval is between perfect 4th and 5th?? It has not been explained to me in theory yet. Perhaps I should try to find out through Google πŸ™‚

I’m using capitals again πŸ˜€ Life is always unexpected, but as I had thought, I’m happy again today. It’s a hot day. I washed and dried the dishes and vacuumed the house – the air was so hot it was even a little hard to breathe, so I flung open the front door and let the wonderful cool air in.

I don’t think we’re meant to be inside in such gorgeous summer weather!

There was even a “big cicada” singing this morning. It hasn’t rained in a few days, just day after day of beautiful sunshine and blue sky. All too soon I know summer will be over, but I do love it while it lasts. Winter is not so long after all, anyway, and in no time at all it will be next summer and I will be twisting my mind remembering when I thought that I would be thinking this about next year, last year.

Anyways. I hope you enjoy my video and have a good day! πŸ˜€

See you tomorrow!

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