Screenshot off a video my brother took of me, from footage for a short film we made together, Parallel Lives. I picked this frame out and adjusted the colour in iMovie.

The most beautiful effects could be achieved in the frames after I turned on the light.

It was hard for me directing that movie, because I wanted to do all the camera work myself. Obviously, this wouldn’t work because I needed to act in the film. So I filmed all I could, but the shots I was in, I was very picky about. I knew exactly what I wanted and tried to get it perfect, constantly going over to check the footage just recorded.

Surprisingly, it didn’t turn out to be that hard to achieve. It worked, me and my patient cameraman-actor didn’t blow up at each other, we actually had a stunningly good time and laughed the most we have in ages.

But still. A note for my next film: I NEED ACTORS! Actors, who are going to be impossibly hard to find…. *sigh* But I’m addicted to film making now, everything about it, the photography aspect, getting beautiful shots, finding unexpected things during the editing process, composing music to bring the scenes to life.

What about you? Do you like to be in control of the entire creative process? Or is it better to learn to collaborate and rely on others than to do everything yourself?

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