Parallel Lives wins “Best Original Music”

So much has happened I don’t know how to tell it all, or even how much to tell.

Since today my words are not quick enough to even begin to describe again what is going on, I’ll make this a quick post.

First of all: one of my short stories has been published in an anthology of work by secondary students, that book was launched last Friday at a flash restaurant, where people crowded around and bought books from a big table. (Ten different books launched at once.) Though I am not paid anything for this, it is publicity I guess.

The book is for sale on Oceanbooks (click here) for $15. (Print version. The e-book is cheaper.)

The second thing that has happened is my short film, Parallel Lives, was on of the top ten finalists in the Cut! film competition that I entered it in.

Here’s the film:

We went over to Hamilton on Sunday for the screening and awards: I won “Best Original Music.” My desk drawer is full of chocolate and sweets provided by one of their sponsors – for being a finalist. For the music award, they gave me a packet of chocolate, taped to it was an envelope with words written on it in silver pen.

When I read it my face was literally like this. O_O

4 hour recording session at Waikato Institute of Technology — $30 iTunes card — Media Arts scholarship

“Omygoodness…” for the first time in my life I understood “OMG!!!!!!!”

I couldn’t believe it.

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