The near and far challenge

I just found this draft in my folder from September 16th – long time ago, but might as well publish it – you may have seen some of these pics before though. 🙂

Originally I had set out to do the weekly photo challenge Near and Far. Though I got heaps of nice shots, I don’t think any are really “near and far”! But here they are anyway.

Kowhai tree had beautiful yellow flowers all over it.

Looking up into the sky. It was warm and sunny.

I love the yellow against blue.
Kowhai are native to New Zealand and attract tui, which are beautiful birds with dark iridescent feathers – I didn’t see any today, they are mostly around in winter for some reason. I wouldn’t know why though.

Pretty flowers on a vine-type plant, growing on a fence.

And more of the same.

A shiny blue ladybird on this cluster of flowers caught my attention.

And this is, uh, me!

“No Parking.” At this point my camera was beginning to run out of battery. And it was getting windy and cold, down by the water.

Then suddenly the perfect sunny day vanished and it poured down.

The rain leaves little marks all over the water.

I stood under the verandah of a nearby building. This is a pic of the water pouring from the gutter pipe. (At this point, my camera was starting to switch itself off.)

One of the last photos before the camera finally died. The lights along the gutter were turned on, very nice touch for a photographer 🙂 The ‘rain’ here, I believe was actually coming from the gutter, but I can’t be sure. It produced a nice effect anyway.

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