Something very odd seems to have happened to my last post (the near and far challenge). It was fine when I scheduled it, but now I can’t edit the post, it’s just grey and not linked anymore. And I’ve discovered it’s not showing anything on my homepage either — I don’t know if it’s possible to go and do it again, but even if it was, I don’t know if i could be bothered as it has a lot of photos in it that I’d have to insert again.

So, I’m just writing a new post.

This is a ‘lake’ down at the bushwalk.

Mangroves in the red mud.

Mangroves under the boardwalk (upside down because I was lying on the boards and leaning under.) I thought it created an interesting effect so I haven’t rotated it.

I was very careful because on two separate occasions, I have dropped by camera batteries into the sludge by accident. Why do they decide to fall out suddenly, while I’m over the water!? They never do it any other time!

So it was with much hesitation that I actually bent down to take this picture, holding the battery slot firmly closed with my fingers.

And lastly, an old dead tree. I’m not sure it always used to be dead, but I honestly cannot remember now. It’s above a honeysuckle vine that’s taken over the wire fence. (Need some pics of that!)

Catch you all later,

Tarina 🙂

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