Busking fest

So happy about this…. I’m calling myself Radioactive Eyeball and making a creative costume to suit…

I’ve cut off one of my pairs of jeans at the knee and cut apart an old pair of jean shorts that I’d made for the circus course show… they’d slowly grown too small for me until they’re pretty tight now nearly what, two years later? 😦 Time has gone so fast. I’d cut off these old trousers and edged them with gold, painting clouds and a rainbow across one leg. Now, I’ve unpicked the gold, cut off the rainbow and two of the clouds, and stitched them onto my new pair of shorts. Lookalike. It’s weird. (Not as faded though.)

Now there are flowers and radioactive eyeballs painted on the jeans. I feel vaguely sad about the old jeans but they had a hole in the back and were pretty worn anyway, and the gold edge was crooked (I did it right this time.)

I can’t remember where I got those jeans…

These new ones, I bought myself, at a garage sale for $1. 😉 Real good. I’ve had them long time now (1 year and a half!!) and they’re still good. Now another pair is falling to bits with holes and things, which I desperately need to do something about because I’m a bit short on trousers. I have four pairs (one good, one holey, one costume, and one way too hot for summer.)

So I only really have one.

And it’s not a great idea to wear it over and over every day for TOO long… I have been known to do that, but I know I shouldn’t. Haha!! 😀

Me going on about this. Anyway, I’m so looking forward to the fest. But also trying so hard to finish this movie I’m making. It’s a short film for a NZ comp but I have to send it (by POST!!!) by October 5th. And October 5th, here in NZ, is the day after tomorrow.


I have some of the soundtrack done, and most of the filming. I wish I could show you, but I can’t, unfortunately. After I win/don’t win the comp, or fail to send on time, I may be able to post it here.

Which reminds me. I have to go back to working on it. Soon. Now. Later. Well, now, really. I’m quite close to getting it finished but it will be my first finished story-film, (not just random music videos or half finished attempts at making films being the actor and the camera-girl. :&)

So this is my post for today. Ha. Need to chop to pieces those holey old jeans as well. I thought I could try cutting up the legs and turning it into a skirt! Haha, never tried that before! But can’t lose really. I’ve patched up a hole in one knee, but there are holes now in places rather hard to patch :&

Blah blah blah. By the way, if you tag surf for boringness on this blog, you will find just that. So I’ll tag this boringness so it might be a tiny bit more interesting in the tags. Blah.


– Tarina 😀

p.s Join chess.com and play against me!!! I’m Rehya on their site. Haha, it’s actually really cool! Even if you’re not great at chess you soon learn a heap. 🙂

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2 Responses to Busking fest

  1. diannegray says:

    Wow – Good luck! 🙂

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