A sketch

A sketch from the other day. You can see pictures from the other side showing through… blah. Oh well.

I’m finally ‘in’ the busking fest!! Yayy!! Haha. I thought I was going to be too late – it turns out, as there are two sections (junior-open) there were no spots left in junior. Thankfully there was still space in the other section – and they were so nice, changing it for me to ticking the ‘Open’ box.

Sooo, I’m not in the under 16s anymore, I’m in with everyone. :& Though I’m not expecting to win anything. Anyway, I should make a bit of busking money! I’ve never been busking before so this will be exciting.

Well, I need to be off the mac — MY mac — soon, so I’ll end this post here. But what I really want to blog about is 1.my movie, 2.YouTube, and 3.Something else interesting that I thought it would be so cool to blog about, but I currently have forgotten it. Ha.

Off to hang my washing out now. Washing machine still broken. (I like the quiet without it. And handwashing is fun. Though, my family does not like it as much as me…. :D)

See you

– Tarina

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2 Responses to A sketch

  1. diannegray says:

    Aw – that’s a very sweet pic!

    Best of luck in the busking fest – I’m sending winning wishes your way 😀

    • Tarina says:

      Thanks! 😀 I’m real excited. I’m getting my costume ready… jean shorts decorated with… well, I might post about that later. Haha 😀

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