What would summer be without mozzies?

My realistic answer would probably be – without mozzies, summer would be awesome!

Although, would it be the same? Mosquitoes are one of the things that we remember. Every year it’s the same. They hang around in shady places and whine in to suck your face when you sleep. I have spoken of these mosquitoes before…. (please see here for a more juicy description of the little bloodsuckers.)

Well, here is my announcement. Two days ago, the first mosquito showed up at our place. We’d set up a tent in the back yard for filming purposes (I might write more on this later) and sitting inside, the vague shadow of an insect rested on the canvas, showing up in the sunshine. Rushing outside I found my suspicions were right – it was the first mozzie of the season. I ran inside to grab my camera, to snap it’s picture, but it was gone when I came back outside.

Disappointed, I went back inside the tent and took pictures of shadows and light falling across the tent.

Then something buzzed across my vision. I’d left the tent flap open, and yes, it was the mosquito, so daring as to come right inside the tent! Well, I wasn’t having that. I took a pic when it landed, then a pic after I’d squished it with my hand.

This is the mozzie on the zip of the mosquito-net tent-flap, just before I… uh, murdered it. Annoying little bloodsucker.

That night there was one that came inside. And I tried, but couldn’t catch it to kill it. It was smarter than that. Now, I don’t know where it’s gone. Usually they hide until you go to sleep and then come in to feed on your face.

I remember once reading in bed, and as soon as I put my book down, a mozzie would dive in and try to eat me. Only about eight years old then, I found it difficult to catch mosquitoes and it was a major achievement to kill one. Even so, the evenings were often filled with clapping. “Aw, missed it again!”

This marks the beginning of springtime for me. The wrigglers in the buckets of water poured out on the ground. The invisible insects that cause huge itchy bites. And the red marks on the wall/your hand if the mosquito had already drunk a fair bit of human-juice…. yuk!

Well this is my post for today. I’m not doing too good with the daily posting thing but it still helps me to blog fairly often.

Oh and hey, have you checked out It’s an online chess site and really cool, you can play correspondence or live with thousands of other players. I’m on there and really enjoying it – my username is Rehya if you want to challenge me! 😀

See you all later!

– Tarina

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2 Responses to Mozzies!!!!!

  1. diannegray says:

    Nooooooooo! I hate mozzies!


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