I know that is a weird title.

But I had an idea. I thought, people scribble over the keyboard all the time, right? How many times have they done it online? How many different combinations of scribble can there be?

I did a random mash on the keyboard into Google and it came up with no results. Nobody has typed this combination before (well, typed it and actually posted it).



But then, testing out other things now….. actually, there aren’t that many scribbles on there. Oh. Oh well, it was a nice excuse to blog!

Hey, I said there’s not many there, I had another idea! Hwahahah >8D soon there will be! Check the tags! xD

Okay I know this is silly. I’ll stop now. And schedule this.


– Tarina

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4 Responses to uirhlehflskjhgid

  1. Thatriot says:

    Hahahahahahahah xD You’re hilarious. xD Hahahaha

  2. diannegray says:

    This is really funny – well done 😀

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