uh…. title. lets see. how about Post?

“the rain will never stop”

Azano Hill

Check it out, guys! πŸ˜€ My two new pages. Actually, if you haven’t already, I’d love for you to look at my poetry and writing…. the more obscure pages…. I don’t know if anyone clicks on them, ever, but I really want to have them read! xD Vain me!

So yes. And the caption thing…. I have one idea already and need others! Please! I know you’re reading this, is it that hard? πŸ˜€

See you hopefully soon – I’ve missed my postaday and couldn’t be bothered to do the yesterday schedule thing. So anyway. Bye.

– Tarina of Radioactive Eyeball

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6 Responses to uh…. title. lets see. how about Post?

  1. diannegray says:

    I can’t seem to get into them. It says ‘page not found’ on both of them 😦 Maybe it’s my dumb computer. I’ll try again tomorrow.

  2. Thatriot says:

    I went directly under the poetry tab and clicked on ‘the rain will never stop’ and read it.

    Wow. It’s really good. Plus, I was listening to Bon Iver, so the whole thing was just magical. xD

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