Free Spirit

Horses’ manes

Free Spirit. Headed out to the beach for this photo challenge which was awesome because, well, it was the beach, and we haven’t been in ages. The spray was whipping off the waves in tremendous long plumes. I didn’t catch the best ones but these were good anyway. Mum always said they were like white horses coming in. When I was little I looked at the waves and thought they didn’t look much like horses – because I’d never seen a real horse, only chess pieces, and the waves did not look like chess pieces. Now that I’ve seen horses I can see them in the waves.

[Hang on a minute, Mum says I had seen horses before that. Well, one horse. But I was too young to remember it so I’m not counting it xD]

Trees & Light

I am crazy about tree shots like this one. I love the way the light falls through the branches and down towards us, so shiny, so elusive. Freedom lies just above the leaves, in the sky. If you stare for long enough so the tree becomes everything and the light calls to your eyes and you breathe in, this is the closest you can get to flying.

It was too cold to fly yesterday though. So I just took a photograph and imagined it.


Okay, and so this is me. Rather, my shadow. Though it was very windy the sun was very bright so my shadow was dark against the sand. I had my hair tied back but it still went crazy in the wind.

I like to think of myself as a free spirit, but how much of it is true I don’t know.

But I did enjoy this photo challenge. The beach is one of the places I feel the most free.

It was so windy the dry sand swept across the beach in stinging thick waves. Like miniature sand storms. We tried lying down in it and our hair filled with sand. The sand collected on the sides of our bodies. Stinging it was. I tried getting pictures but they didn’t really work out, tried videos they came out better but looking back they aren’t great quality, not taken with a real video camera just one with a scratchy microphone xD

I picked up a shell to remember this day by.

I have a huge collection of shells from through the years.

Yes. So.

-Tarina of Radioactive Eyeball


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  1. Tarina says:

    Oops, something happened to the first picture it’s jumping off the screen…. đŸ˜¦

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