[Insert awesome reader caption here!]

Well, this is in my opinion a pretty all right photograph. The horizon straight for once. It was so bright I had no idea what I was doing with my camera that day. You should see some of the horizons I had…. they were crazy wrong. But anyway, I thought I would put this up and ask for captions! Like a caption competition, but only prize being the caption displayed on this photo on the next post or so! Well, I’ll set a date. It being 5 September today, post a caption below and I will pick one and post it on the 7th of September, my time. Figure it out, I’m likely about 1 day ahead of most of you xD

“Who is that person?”

“What is she doing there?”

“What’s with the bag?”

This is actually my Mum’s idea. So credit going to her, if she doesn’t mind xD

Right. So posting now, and desperately hoping you’ll post something, some idea, below, that would be awesome!

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12 Responses to Caption!

  1. Tarina says:

    Come on guys! It’s the 6th already! πŸ˜€

  2. sashabarish says:

    Hi, this is Homeschoolcool! My caption:
    On the way.

  3. Hi Tarina

    You are certainly a prolific writer. I really enjoyed your blog, full of variety!!
    I saw your lovely winning photograph at Matt Georges Photolord site, congratulation on your win!!

    I write a daily inspiration blog at and I use the Twenty Ten theme too so it was like coming home when I came here. Like you my blog is a mixture of poetry, prose and pictures and I always include one of my own not very good ones and then like to share a very good one from someone else.
    I would like to share your photograph if that would be OK as I know my readers would love it. I would of course credit you and link back etc.
    Could you let me know if that would be ok.

    Corinne at

    • Tarina says:

      Hi Corrine,
      Wow, I’m honoured! πŸ˜€
      Yes, of course you can share this picture…. the file url is

      The Twenty Ten theme is awesome, isn’t it! πŸ˜€

      Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you do enjoy it – I try not to be too boring! xD You have a lovely idea for your blog, nice peaceful writings and I hope it does well – blogging is a very fun and interesting experience!

      See you and thanks again,
      – Tarina

      • Hi Tarina

        You’re certainly not boring!! Thanks for letting me share the photograph. I will let you know when I am posting it. And thanks for stopping by soulsnet and for your good wishes. I can certainly use them. Blogging is fun and it’s great to meet such wonderful people from all over the world, but it’s a steep learning curve for me!!
        Have fun

  4. Hi Tarina

    Tomorrow’s post at soulsnet is all about the Ego and the Soul!!! Looking at your blog I think you might find it interesting. Thank you for letting me share your lovely photograph “Moon and Silver Birch”. It looks lovely and it really enhances the post. I hope you will come and visit. I’ve asked you a question so would love it if you left me an answer in the comments.


    • Tarina says:

      Thank you Corinne! That photograph is getting famous! πŸ˜€
      I certainly will stop by and have a read, (I’m sorry I linked you to the wrong pic, since you commented here I thought that was the one you wanted :D) and I’ll do my best to answer your question!
      I look forward to seeing it!

      – Tarina

  5. Hi Tarina

    Am just about to post and I think the link works. I revisited you to make sure I had the right one for the Moon and Silver Birch. Hope you enjoy the post. Don’t forget to answer the question!!!


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