The Sound of Blogging

This week’s writing challenge from dailypost is ‘the sound of blogging.’

At first I thought this meant literally the sound we make while blogging. The clicking fingers over the keyboard in irregular bursts as the ideas flow through my mind, silently pronouncing each word without moving my lips. I speak slowly and deliberately. I grunt in annoyance and despair as the missing letters come crashing down around my ears when I find somehow I have managed to get my entire post deleted, permanently, just because I inserted a photo the wrong way.

The quiet hissing and burping of my laptop as it thinks about other things – new updates, likely, it loves those – as I blog away.

The heavy thump of the draft saving itself.

The roaring drone of…………. what is that? Aaaaaaargh I am under the flight path, of course it’s an aeroplane………… :&

The businesslike voices of all the little links I can click to customize my post. They call quietly from the sides of the screen, and pop up again, ever polite but obviously annoyed, when I forget to tag. And Uncategorized with it’s heavy, loud grin and lazy laugh when I forget to categorize. Sometimes Uncategorized is nice to me and whispers quietly, you forgot! as it tries to hide in plain view under my mountains of noisy tags.

Status: Draft Edit

Visibility: Public Edit

Publish immediately Edit

They call like business men in suits and ties, on their mobiles, speaking in low voices, except sometimes I turn mine on vibrate. All the time, actually. I see their messages there so often I tend to forget to look at them, which annoys them again. Publish immediately is one I often Edit. He likes that I am using his services, but his boss wants me to Upgrade and blasts advertising at me more and more often. It’s grating and painful, and also makes me feel slightly guilty/deprived because I feel like I should pay something, but can’t and won’t, and am missing out on something that I would have otherwise. The little business men on the side of the screen shuffle their feet and it scrapes along the concrete rustling like paper.

They look at me over their sunglasses. Upgrade, upgrade!


[Will anything bad happen to me for talking about upgrading on a free blog?] [??] [<8O] [Aaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

But anyway. The Sound of Blogging, apparently, doesn’t have to be about blogging. It can be about any sound. So I will start with familiar childhood sounds – first, seagulls cawing. I can imitate them pretty well, in my own opinion of course. They sound like fish and chips. That’s right.

All those days and nights, sitting on chairs by the beach or in the car with the windows wound down, chucking chips out the window for the squabbling birds. Some would come right up and take them out of your hand. Flying up and hovering, then plunging in, pecking your fingers furiously, then wheeling away again. The one-legged seagulls do this best. They learn that this is the best way for them to get food since they can’t compete with their peers on the ground. They grow bold, and stronger too as children such as myself love to feed the cool seagull who pecks out of your hand that only has one leg poor thing.

Next is the squeak of balls bouncing and crashing into hoops at an indoor gym. As well as children’s voices, laughing and yelling and endless blabbering. This is the sound of a holiday program.

Children’s voices on their own, and then the long, loud, thin piercing “bell” that signals lunchtime’s over, is school days. I’m homeschooling now but I have been to school before as will. School. All the voices. I’ll not forget.

Beach waves crashing endlessly, gently pounding the shore. Night. The black sea is full tide. Occasional cars swish by. Muted voices speaking. The beach is one of my special places, one of childhood forgotten, that will never be the same, yet memories are always revisited.

In the day time people yell and splash. The sea is heavily populated by swimmers between the flag. Lifeguards roar past in their little car/truck/bike things……… quad bikes?……….. and leave long tracks behind them as they patrol up and down the beach. Anxious mother’s voice keeping little children out of the way of the lifeguards. The quad.

And certain songs.

A radio station that played over and over.

The songs implanted in my head. Popular ones of the time.

One I heard recently – actually, I was searching for them in iTunes – and I said to my family, doesn’t that just smell/sound like…. [insert location/place not to be given away]? And they laughed. I am sure they remember too.

Well, this is a long post. Little wordcount down there tells me I have 793 words. But he will change next time the draft updates. Yes. 811. Blabbering on. See you then!

820! And counting!

– Tarina of Radioactive Eyeball

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