This week’s postaday challenge was Urban. So we headed out into the city to take some urban shots – which turned out to be strangely challenging – how to get a good ‘city’ shot while still remaining anonymous? How do I avoid street signs?

Another thing that bothered me immediately was the people. Cities are full of people. But would these ones mind me taking photographs of them? I didn’t want to find out.

So I tried my best to take shots that are location-free and people-free. Some of them, when I zoomed in on them later, had a sign in it. Another had a landmark. In the end, I am left with these two, my favourite shots that mean ‘Urban’ to me. Or something like it, anyway!

Stickered pole with a popped balloon hanging off it

Stickered pole with a popped balloon hanging off it

There are many poles in my city. Lamp posts mainly, but some metal bollard type things to keep people off the road, metal poles on chairs, poles to keep cars out of walking places, and many other poles. People apparently love to stick stickers all over them. Advertising anything from retail stores to radio stations to anything in between. And tagging too is all over the poles.

Balloons are occasionally tied to the street posts and are forgotten and left dangling there when the explode.  This tall white lamp post, chipped with bits of silver showing through, stickered and ballooned, is my first Urban subject.

Next up is:

Bike parking space: reserved

Urban: Bike parking space.

There are a few bike ‘parking spots’ around the city. You know the ones – the poles sticking up out of the ground for people to tie bikes to.  People sticker them too, sometimes.  A lot are not used that much.

But someone obviously likes this spot – they’ve reserved their space here, looping a sturdy-looking bike chain around and around the pole and securing it with two padlocks.

I got down underneath the chain for this photo. It’s not as ‘in the frame’ as I would like, but I am still quite pleased with it.

I have heaps more photos that I took after these – but they were taken after we got home from the city so they are ‘Suburban’ not ‘Urban.’

I will post them shortly. Thank you for reading! 🙂

-Tarina of Radioactive Eyeball

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2 Responses to Urban

  1. diannegray says:

    Great pics! Looking forward to see the others 🙂

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