On Summer, Paradise and other random things

Many of you reading this are currently enjoying the last month of summer. Yes, you, all you northern-hemisphere-ers. But soon it will be autumn, for you. Or, as the Americans say, “fall.”

Here it is Winter but I am so looking forward to summer. I think I posted about this last time. It can get up to 40 degrees Celsius here (over 100F) in the summer, if not that hot then always in the thirties. The mosquitoes hide in shady places in the day time – under trees, anywhere you’d go to take shelter from the heat. Inside the house, you bake, and flies buzz everywhere. Little ordinary harmless black houseflies, but when there are ten of them in the same room refusing to be tea-toweled out of the house, they are extremely annoying.

At night the flies go to sleep and the mozzies all come inside. This is where a good mosquito net is very useful. Mosquito nets mean you can actually sleep instead of being awake most of the night roasting alive under the blankets, hiding skin from the mozzies, and slapping at your face every so often when the whining insects come in to land.

The sun goes down finally at around 9pm, rising early again the next day. In the city, the sun bakes the concrete. It becomes rather painful to walk in bare feet. But the heat makes eating huge dribbly slices of pink watermelon particularly satisfying. Not only does it taste so divine, it can also sometimes feel like the only thing keeping you alive as you sit on a concrete wall in full sun in the city center, waiting for a bus like all the other people who were quicker and nabbed the seats in the black shade over cold bricks.

Waiting in a hot car is worse.

Driving around in a hot car whose windows are seizing up is… yes, worse.

Walking (as long as there’s shade!) and busing are, I find, the most pleasant forms of hot-summer transportation. Teenagers on Saturday crowd the buses, grabbing the side of the bus, and each other, for support. Water teeming with swimmers. Kids on boogie-boards, riding in on double waves, so unstoppable they smash over each other and roll underwater, the board bobbing on the surface above their writhing bodies, attached by a long yellow cord to their skinny wrists. The buses going to the beach have thick queues nearly as long as the bus itself.

Us as kids at home would dump buckets of water over our heads and spray each other with the garden hose. Sometimes the hose was left lying in the sun and the water heated to boiling point, ready to surprise/burn someone in a yell-inducing minute of expecting ice-cold and getting the opposite.

The cicadas that come in with the washing and bash against the windows. All these memories I have. I could write about summer forever.

Winter is equally memorable, I suppose, but in a different way. Our house is in general colder than the usual. I remember waking up some mornings and finding condensation on the outside of the windows….

But Winter is another story.

On to a different subject. I have another blog, liveforeverinparadise.wordpress.com which needs more views! It’s about living forever and some less far-out things of interest to me. Like Paradise. The Paradise earth I hope to live on someday because God promised us. I’m imagining Paradise as something like eternal summer with no mosquitoes and a never-ending supply of watermelons. I dunno. Whatever it is it will be perfect 🙂

No death. No baddies. No bad things whatsoever. It’s a happy ever after sort of thing for the people who love Jehovah God. This doesn’t NECESSARILY mean attending church ‘religiously,’ although it probably depends.

It doesn’t mean doing everything right all the time or any holier than thou stuff. God doesn’t like that stuff. Neither, in actual fact, do many people, I suppose. Funny.

So yeah, please check out my other blog, that would be awesome! Thanks and hope you enjoy it! 😀

Change of subject again just to something I feel quite pleased about. (Yes, this is really all about me!) Since I have started learning guitar I am finally being able to play G in a proper sort of way. Before, my little finger on the end string would bend under and in frustration, I found it easier to play with my knuckle (only did that once. Guitar teacher, Mum stepped in quickly XD) But A, D and E are getting easy to change between now. I went along to a jam night with some other musicians the other night and I actually played along with some of the songs, watching the other people’s fingers closely for the chords. And skipping C and an unrecognized one (turned out to be F) frequently. It’s surprisingly fast and easy to learn the basic stuff of guitar.

I play keyboard fairly well and it took a lot longer to learn that. The chords are quite easy but it gets harder than that. The two instruments are quite different. I could go into it but I’m starting to feel quite long-winded now, and my left wrist is getting sore from too much continuous typing so I am going to STOP>NOW

Catch you later, guys! Likes and Comments hugely appreciated! 😀

– Tarina of Radioactive Eyeball

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