I don’t know what to write :&

Sorry guys to be so boring but I really dunno what to say today, I have no new photographs, so I feel lost.


Actually, I know what I can talk about. Writing! It is supposed to be a writing blog after all.
So – with regard to my unruly character who turned evil the other day. I’m trying to turn my view of him and make him less evil because he was a good character and I’d kind of like to keep him.

So with a few new twists of plot (it’s getting WAY too convoluted now :D) he is a bit better than before. My fellow novelists on NaNoWriMo have helped too. I just stuck my character into a forum and had him talk to the other characters a bit, and fight with me for ‘making’ him do it XD
Then suddenly I had this idea. Maybe he didn’t mean to kill someone. Maybe he didn’t KNOW he’d killed someone. Maybe everyone is just confused and mixed up. Especially this character – I’ll give him a name, shall I? He’s called Araz.

So now it’s getting really interesting. They aren’t who they think they are. It turns out Araz is strangely related to the guy he killed. The murdered person’s sister is actually Araz’s half-sister, due to a weird twist in plot and identities.

Well, now I’m just blabbering on and giving away all my plot ideas 🙂
Is that a bad thing?

Since I don’t know if it is or not, I think I should stop now, but it has been very interesting blogging about this stuff. If you guys actually like to hear it. I do wonder sometimes how interesting it is. Like, I can’t go on and on like this in real life to someone without them maybe getting bored and thinking about other stuff. In my imagination, anyway. I don’t talk to many people about my writing like this.

Blogging is a totally new medium. Even just typing. I consider myself a little awkward speaking in real life – my mind will go blank, or I just stop talking because I think I’m boring you to death.

I don’t like being bored to death so I’m very cautious about inflicting this on others. XD

So, if you have reached this far and are not bored to death, Yay! I am drawing conclusions about you already. You probably like writing. Or, you like people and reading what they have to say – if they find it interesting, you do. Or, I’m not actually as boring as I think. Which is a strange thought.

So with that, I think I shall publish my post. The scroll bar is shrinking like a worm in one of those games where you eat dots and die if you run into a wall. So I’ll hit publish now. See you all later 🙂  and please comment!

– Tarina of Radioactive Eyeball

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