Tree Photograph: What is happening to my blog!?


When I started this blog I thought it would be all about “writing, with some other stuff.”

Now it seems to be mostly “other stuff,” and Photography is the main culprit, the stealer of writing bloggershipness.

If I may use a word like bloggershipness. I am a writer, after all. Do I have writer’s license to make up words? Certainly hope so. Because I’m not deleting it.

I did not intend for this to be a photography blog, but it seems to be what it has become. Don’t you think? Is it a good thing or bad? I’m just rather interested in why this has happened, without me even noticing it.

What do you call a photography blog anyway? It’s hard to type, and even a little hard to say. A photograblog? Phoblography? Blographism? Photograblographyarianism?[How may times may I use the license in a single post? :)]

So anyway, enough of my ranting and raving about Blographotographysticalarianismness – what was I going to say? That’s right. Something about the photo. The photo that set me off on this adventure, tipping me into the quagmire of long words.

This photo is of a tree. That’s right, you never would have guessed! A tree!
Aaaaah I’m getting silly now. Truth is I haven’t got anything much to say about this particular pic except everything I’ve said before about light and stuff. But silhouetted trees are something I particularly love. This was taken on the same day as the last one. It wasn’t too rainy that day, so a photo walk was feasible. And it turned out well – two good pics in one go.

So yeah.

And I’ve learned how to schedule posts. Yay!
I’ve been doing it a bit lately, but this post is scheduled – well, was scheduled if you’re reading this now – for midnight last night/tomorrow morning at time of writing 00.00am, that’s right! I don’t wanna be up at that time to post anything, but to get my post for the day done as early in the day as I can — well, 00o’clock is as early as it gets!

And people all around the world will read it before I’m even awake to know they are.

For example, I’m in New Zealand so a lot of people in America or over that way – it will still be yesterday for them when it’s this morning for me… my brain is getting tied up now. Too much weirdness. But anyway. As always, I’d really love some comments on my blog, or these photographs 🙂

And, see you again soon, hasta pronto, adiós! 🙂

– Tarina of Radioactive Eyeball

P.S. You gotta check out my other blog too, the less weird one.    seeya! 😀

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