The Shiny Doorhandle

Shiny Doorhandle

Hola y buenos días! More light photography today! 🙂

The other day, I walked out into the hallway just after the sun had risen over the two-story rooftops and beamed into our window. The light was blinding.

I of course ran for my camera. The hallway pics didn’t come out as good as I wanted, but when I turned around, I saw a diamond sparkle sitting on the corner of the doorhandle behind me.

The angle of the sun was perfect. I was thrilled with this photograph – it’s not the best, I know, but I’ve never taken any like it before and, if I think about it, I’ve never really seen anything like it before either. So I’m rather pleased with myself. 🙂



Here’s what the hallway pics turned out like. I’m not entirely happy with them but thought I’d share them anyway.

I love light photography.

I’m trying to get more into it now, as you can probably see! So yeah, there you go.

I guess that’s my post for today! I really like all the ‘like’s, people, but I’d love some comments too, that would be great! I’m enjoying all your blogs, keep it up! 🙂

– Tarina of Radioactive Eyeball

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3 Responses to The Shiny Doorhandle

  1. diannegray says:

    Hey Tarina – I love this pic (and it would make an excellent book cover) 🙂

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