Oh No! and the Light and Dark of City Nights

Oh no, I didn’t ….. hang on a minute, this has double posted itself.


Well okay, to make up for not posting yesterday, I’ll post again today. This is a pic of streetlights on a foggy night. They were glowing yellow orbs and irresistible to me, as I love light and dark and the way they interact on the camera screen. Although it was cold and damp outside here, water vapour swirling and clinging to my face, capturing this light shot was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up.  And I think it came out pretty well, don’t you??


This next pic is taken up through the roof of a bus shelter, of a street light overhead. I just happened to be standing under this light when I looked up and – there was a beautiful photo opportunity. So out came the camera and there it is, the moment immortalized.

So yes, Tarina likes light photography! Does anybody else?  Comments please!  🙂  Thank you, thank you!

Until next time,

-Tarina of Radioactive Eyeball

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